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Service Industry Standard Charge.Com
Merchant Account Application Fee $95-$250
Setup Fee $49 - $150 FREE
Internet Software with Web Terminal $195-$495 FREE
Checks by Web, Phone, and Fax:
Allows you to accept checks via the Internet, phone, or fax.
$300 FREE
Web Shopping Cart $300 FREE
Programming Charge $50-$95 FREE
Shipping and Handling Charge $20-$35 FREE
American Express Setup Fee $25-$50 FREE
Average Approval Time 1 - 2 weeks Same-Day approval
Technical Support Hours 8am-8pm Monday-Friday 24 hours per day
7 days per week
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Discount Rate 2.95% 2.25%
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Transaction Fee 35-50 cents
per transaction
25 cents
per transaction
Retail Discount Rate (face-to-face sales) 1.95% 1.85%
Retail Transaction Fee (face-to-face sales) 30-45 cents per transaction 25 cents per transaction
Statement/Customer Service Fee $12-$20 per month $10.00 per month
Internet Processing Software Gateway Fee $35-$45 per month $16.95 per month





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