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High Risk Merchant Account

Need to charge credit cards for a high risk type of business?  Having problems getting a merchant account provider to approve you?  Very, very few applicants are declined. But even if you are turned down, you still get the Checks by Web, Phone and Fax Software setup ABSOLUTELY FREE, just for applying.  We have absolutely the highest approval rate in the credit card industry!   As long as it's legal, we can usually get you approved and have you up and accepting credit cards quickly and efficiently. 

We do have to look at every business on a case by case basis, but some of the more high risk types of businesses that are generally known to be in the high risk area are overseas operations, pharmaceuticals, infomercials, telemarketing, travel industries, dating services, etc. 

If you have a high risk business, give us a chance and see if we can get you the credit card processing that you need.  There is no risk, and everything to gain.  If you have been looking to add the ability to process credit cards on your website, we can help.  We are the first place you need to look for a high risk merchant account. 

ATTENTION:  Business Owners
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(We know the management of this company.  Very reputable.)

If you have had trouble with other merchant account providers, don't waste another day, get your high risk merchant account today!

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