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How Can Your Merchant Account Hand You $12,000?
by: Chris Chandler

In today's society, more & more people are going to debit & credit cards for everyday purchases.  As that number increases, you will see a larger number of people that are no longer even using cash.  So the use of a merchant account at the lowest possible rate is vital to the future well being of your bottom line.  If I was to walk up to you in 10 years and hand you $12,000 dollars, would you be thrilled?  Of course you would!  It would be like winning the lottery!  Well your merchant account can do that! (Except the walking part that is! ;-) 

How can it do this you say?

Lets say you have a merchant account and are set up at 35 cents per transaction and you switch to a deal that offers 25 cents per transaction.  If you are processing 1,000 transactions per month at the 10 cents/transaction  savings, it would total up to be $100 or $1,200/year!  In ten years, the dimes would pile up to be a total of $12,000!  That is no chump change anymore!  If you miss one or two sales per month for a total of $100 of lost profits or more, you are in the same situation, if not worse.  

So does this convince you that you need to shop around for the best merchant account provider?  Ten years down the road of saving on your merchant account, you will reap the reap the rewards of saving a dime & be handed $10,000 on a platter!  What businessperson can resist that? 

Is your business to the point that you are in need of a merchant account?  Or just want to know what kind of competitive pricing is out there on the market?  If you need help, please visit our site  for more information. 

About The Author Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler is the owner & CEO of  His goal is to help businesses the lowest rate on a merchant account possible by offering a comparison between multiple merchant account providers.  You may have free reprint rights to this article. You can use this article on your website in it's entirety, but a live hyperlink must be placed to my site at 

This article was posted on November 27, 2005


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